Monday, September 22, 2008

I made a stamp!

That's right, just a cute little toadstool, nothing super great but I think it's really cute. Now to find some more rubber to make another one. This is such fun to do. I went and bought some lino today because Emma and Lilly want a stamp of their very own also. They've done the plans for their picture now we just need to carve them out which of course I'll be doing because they're not quite at the age for using lino tools!

We're making felt mermaids at the moment so I'll upload some piccies once they're finished but for now check out my stamp below :)

And here's a card I made with it

If you've ever thought about carving your own little stamp out, give it a go it's heaps of fun!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lots happening

I finally got around to putting all the photos from my camera onto the computer today. I hadn't done it for a month! Don't you love that though, when you go through all the pictures and see those little gems that you'd completely forgotten you'd taken!

So we've had lot's happening here...

Kevin and I are both sleep deprived because we are getting at least one little person decide they need to sleep in mummy and daddy's bed ...usually Meg at 1am so we're woken with screaming. At least the other two can just creep in without us realising. Except when you wake up and can't move an inch! Here's a photo of one morning when we ended up with all three of them!

Emma Update:
She has two wobbly teeth! They have been wobbly for a good two weeks now so who knows when they'll come out. We have a cute little pouch all ready for them so the tooth fairy will have no trouble finding them. I'm told by Emma that the tooth fairy gives notes not coins...hmm we'll She got this idea from a friend at school who got a $10 note for her first tooth. Mind you the tooth fairy did come a day late to her little friend because she was apparently very busy on the night she was supposed to visit this little girl ;)

Lilly Update:
Well little Lilly has been a grumpy little girl of late. It's just that normal two year old stage I'm sure but it's still frustrating. She's talking and putting her sentances together SOOO well! she keeps asking every day if she's three yet because she's much bigger and taller today. We've told her that she'll have to hand over her dummy and bottle when she turns three. It's going to be tough getting her off these two things, but she'll get there.

Meg Update:
Meg is into EVERYTHING!!!!!! Em and Lil are very quickly learning they cannot put their drink or food down for a second because Meg has a food radar and just knows as soon as something's within her reach....many drinks have been spilled but they now remember to push their drinks right to the back of their table. She is walking lots and is practicing running and it's so funny because when her big sisters are doing something really tricky like a rolly polly on the floor or jumping up and down, Meg starts walking backwards and looks and me and Kevin as if to say, look at me look at me, I'm so

Here's a picture of Meg after she got stuck into Lilly's yogurt

Kevin's been busy painting the hallway. We no longer have pink at the top, it's all white. We're still deciding if we should do a light feature colour or just leave it white.

And here's a little self portrait of me. It's very very rare that I take a half decent photo so here it is.

On a creative note, check out this beautiful painting that my friend Krissy made. isn't it gorgeous?! And guess what, it's mine!! She gave it to me and I absolutely love it!

Here's a little Paper collage creation that I made. I've really been struggling to get any scrapbooking done lately but I just had to use some of the gorgeous patterned papers I've got so just started cutting and having a play. i'm now a bit obsessed and have almost finished my third. I think they'd make really cute presents and I'm thinking about selling them on etsy.

And finally a beautifully decorated horse. Lovingly embellished by Miss Emma and Miss Lilly one sunny Sunday afternoon in August.

That's it for now, apart from Thank god it's Spring!!!! I really love Spring :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Short and Sweet

That's what this post is. Not much chatting because it's 12:30 am and I HAVE to get to bed but my mum will kill me if I don't get this thing updated with some piccies of the little ladies, so here are a few photos.

Firstly a little show off for me though. I made this canvas using a beautiful napkin as the back drop. Love how it turned out!

Secondly, here's Emma enjoying her icy pole after the Prep Girls Fun Run (we won't discuss the fact she cut straight through the middle of the oval instead of running around it - gave everyone a good laugh and had a teacher or two running after She had lots of fun :)

Here's some shots of poor old Meggie Moo's hand after she touched the oven door while I was cooking dinner. This is the day after when she had very large blisters. Thankfully she's just about all healed up now with no permenant damage to her hand. Phew!!!

Speaking of Miss trouble herself, she is enjoying climbing on the pink chairs to get to things she normally can't....I tell ya, we've got to watch this one like a hawk...she's quick!

Here the girls are having a great old time with an old suitcase our neighbours Ian and Eileen gave them to play with (it was being chucked out at their Church). It's bought hours of enjoyment to them :)

And doesn't Lilly look like a sad little butterfly. We went to a great little Market/Fair on Saturday morning which was fun fun fun, but Miss Lilly must have gotten very worn out.

Gotta love the vegie scraps. I'm on a mission to halve the amount of waste we end up with in the bin each week. Not that we overload it by any means but I just thought I'd give the composting thing a go, not thinking it would make a big difference to the amount of stuff in the bin, boy was I wrong!!! It's a huge difference, and now our lovely little vegie patch that we've just started is getting a nice little compost corner. Heaps of fun and the girls are enjoying helping...although Emma is convinced if we plant an Apple seed a tree will grow in no time hehe!

And while we were in the garden I decided to create my own Flower arrangement for the Dining Table. We don't have a big selection of flowers but the beautiful bright Pink flowers from the Boganvillea finish it off nicely I think.

A rare sight, my Dining table with NO folded clothes or Scrapbooking supplies

That's it for me ....there you go mum, that should keep you going for a week or

Nighty night,

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fabbo Cybercrop weekend!

Hey everyone,

Well firstly Meg is on the mend THANK GOODNESS!!! After two rushes up to the hospital she ended up being diagnosed with Impatigo 'School Sores'. I ended up taking her to our family Dr -wish I could've gotten into see her in the first place, but she thinks it started off as a general bacterial infection and then she's picked up the impetigo bug from somewhere which made it much worse and more imune to the antibiotics.. From the last photos of her I posted it got MUCH worse, but is now almost healed and she'll be celebrating her 1st birthday this Sunday....I can't believe it!!!!

Happy Birthday to David (Dad in law), I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

Now let's talk about the ScrapLounge Cybercrop that just finished. Man did we have a great CC weekend!!! Heaps of LOs uploaded which are of course all gorgeous! Now we're just waiting on a few more votes before the winners are announced.

I even got all three challenges done shock horror! One was my example for my challenge but I also got the other two done friday night...I hadn't scrapped in a while and it felt great!!!

Here are my LOs

Challenge one was a sketch by Karen

Challenge two was mine - use mosaic technique and a shakespeare quote

my quote was 'Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none'

Challeng three from Sara was to use a summer photo with wintery papers or vice versa

ScrapLounge is currently looking for our new Creative team for June to December 08 - look in our Creative team news area of the forum for more details:o)

And welcome to our two newest ScrapLounge sponsors and

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I wish I could fix my baby

As all mothers will know, the worst feeling in the world can be when your baby is sick and you can't do a thing to make them better. Well Meggie has a very sore eye. It's infected just like it was when she scratched her face before Christmas and her whole eye swelled up like crazy.

This time there was no scratch - the infection just appeared after she'd been sick for a few days with a fluey type bug. It's not effecting her eye itself - although as it gets more swollen it is almost touching her eye ball. I've been to the Dr.s twice and have her on antibiotics but it still seems to be getting worse. I hope that she wakes up tomorrow with some improvements as I just feel helpless to do anything. She is actually quite happy though, which is the one thing that is making me feel a little at ease.

Here's a LO that I did of her the first time she got this infected eye, and I've got some piccies of her that i took today.

Now on ScrapLounge news - we are four days into May but obviously I'm behind the 8ball with all of my munchkins being sick one way or another this week but we will have the challenges and sketches up in the next day or so. We will also be announcing APril's winners in early in the week.

I just read this tonight - it's quoted in a cook book my mum bought me '4 Ingredients' which I absolutely LOVE by the way! I've been very clean and tidy the last couple of weeks since mum was up from Melbourne and I've been so proud of myself, but looking at the dirty dishes tonight and all the rest of the 'stuff' that needs to be done but hasn't yet....after reading this, i felt a lot better, and I swear it describes my 'today' exactly!

I hope you get something out of it too:)

A recipe for all Mothers

Today I left some dishes dirty;

The bed made at 3:30

The nappies soaked a little longer,

the odour grew a little stronger.

The crumbs I spilt the day before

are staring at me from the floor.

The fingerprints, there on the wall

will likely still be there, next fall.

The dirty streaks on the window panes

will still be there next time it rains.

"Shame on you old lazy-bones", I say

"And just what have you done today?"

I nursed a baby till he slept,

I held a toddler while he wept.

I played a game of hide and seek

I squeezed a toy, so it would squeak.

I pulled a wogon, sang a song,

Taught a child right from wrong.

What did I do this whole day through?

Not much that shows, I guess it's true...

Unless you think that what I've done

Might be important to someone

with bright blue eyes and soft blonde hair

If that is true, I've done my share.

Joanne Green

Thursday, April 3, 2008

just an update

well it's been a while so thought I'd better give an update.

First - some funny photos.....Lilly got BUSTED big time. She's going through a 'want to shampoo my hair for no aparent reason when I'm NOT in the bath' phase.

She just froze when I caught her in the act, expecting to be in big trouble but I had to hold back the laughter as I ran for the

On other news, ScrapLounge is coming along nicely! I'm still getting myself into a good routine but am almost there. Most of the comps for April are in the forum now so go check them out. March winners will be announced early next week.

I'm soooo excited to be in the final five in Chook Scraps Survivor challenge. Each week we've had a criteria to create a page and once the pages are judged several people are kicked off the Island. Well amazingly I'm still here!!! I'm really enjoying the competition and am eagerly awaiting Saturday's announcement of the final two. The winner receives a $50 voucher along with a Guest dt spot!

Here are the Layouts I've created so far

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Little Preppie

Well the big day came about on the 29th of January. She is now in prep. Of course in typical Emma style she wouldn't smile for the camera outside with the nice scenery so I will have to re-shoot those photos. Here are two from the morning of day 1.

She just seems so grown up all of a sudden - it's a very happy sad proud feeling for us at the moment. She absolutely loves school and has already made a few little friends. She's also doing Ballet lessons once a week and she's loving it!

And here are some piccies of the other two munchkins. Miss cheeky aka Lilly is as bubbly and cute as ever. Miss Meg has been in agony with five YES FIVE teeth all deciding to come through straight after each other, but she has also well and truly figured out the crawling thing so is trying to chase her sisters all over the place. She's also standing up and walking along the couch - this usually ends in tears though :(

Here's a recent LO of Kevin and I. This is the Challenge pack for March at Love 2 Scrap. I really struggle with this range from Sassafras Lass but once I got the Cricut out and cut some shapes it was really easy to work with.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long time no post

Well sorry everyone, whoops so much for my weekly blog update hey!!

So lots been happening, ScrapLounge is almost here and it's all so exciting! We already have a heap of amazing retailers on board as sponsors which is fabulous and I'll be adding them all to my fave scrap sites link soon.

With the extra time I have now that I'm not uploading new products or packing orders I've been scrapping away like a crazy person! I've added some of my favourite recent creations. Most of them where for our EMM cybercrop last weekend which was sponsored by and the girls produced some amazing creations, the other pages were done for the Cybercrop over at Lorraine and the dt girls put on a fabulous cybercrop let me tell you!!!

Lilly and Meg are back at daycare this week so I took Emma to the Andy Warhol exhibition on Monday - it was fabulous and I'll be going back by myself before it finishes in March - a four year old can only tolerate so much art at one

Emma starts school next week OMG!!! She's very excited but i think may be quietly nervous too as she's had a few bad dreams the last couple of nights. she'll be fine and I'll have the camera ready and waiting for the big event!

Meg still has no teeth but gee are they giving her some greif! She's happily sitting up by herself now, and is mannaging two or three leg moves in the crawling department....she finds bouncing like a little frog's so cute!!!

Lilly is very happy to be back at kindy with her friends and is the cheeky little monkey as always, and she now says "Emma" instead of "Memma" which she's very proud about :)

This LO is of Lilly at one day old snuggling into mum (should I say nana)

This one is about how Miss Emma has to be the centre of attention for photos, unless I actually want her beautiful smiling face in the photo then she refuses to do it!

THis one was a play around with paint. I'm suposed to be doing an online 4wk course through Big Picture scrapbooking with Emily falconbridge and this is as far as I've

I'm trying to scrap my older photos before taking too many new ones and this was a great little moment to scrap. It's Emma when she was about 14mths climbing away

This one is using the lovely new Basic Grey Two Scoops range which I picked up from Love 2 Scrap in Booval, photo of Lilly and her obsession with the bottle and dummy.

that's it for me until next time!!!

Seeya :)