Sunday, May 4, 2008

I wish I could fix my baby

As all mothers will know, the worst feeling in the world can be when your baby is sick and you can't do a thing to make them better. Well Meggie has a very sore eye. It's infected just like it was when she scratched her face before Christmas and her whole eye swelled up like crazy.

This time there was no scratch - the infection just appeared after she'd been sick for a few days with a fluey type bug. It's not effecting her eye itself - although as it gets more swollen it is almost touching her eye ball. I've been to the Dr.s twice and have her on antibiotics but it still seems to be getting worse. I hope that she wakes up tomorrow with some improvements as I just feel helpless to do anything. She is actually quite happy though, which is the one thing that is making me feel a little at ease.

Here's a LO that I did of her the first time she got this infected eye, and I've got some piccies of her that i took today.

Now on ScrapLounge news - we are four days into May but obviously I'm behind the 8ball with all of my munchkins being sick one way or another this week but we will have the challenges and sketches up in the next day or so. We will also be announcing APril's winners in early in the week.

I just read this tonight - it's quoted in a cook book my mum bought me '4 Ingredients' which I absolutely LOVE by the way! I've been very clean and tidy the last couple of weeks since mum was up from Melbourne and I've been so proud of myself, but looking at the dirty dishes tonight and all the rest of the 'stuff' that needs to be done but hasn't yet....after reading this, i felt a lot better, and I swear it describes my 'today' exactly!

I hope you get something out of it too:)

A recipe for all Mothers

Today I left some dishes dirty;

The bed made at 3:30

The nappies soaked a little longer,

the odour grew a little stronger.

The crumbs I spilt the day before

are staring at me from the floor.

The fingerprints, there on the wall

will likely still be there, next fall.

The dirty streaks on the window panes

will still be there next time it rains.

"Shame on you old lazy-bones", I say

"And just what have you done today?"

I nursed a baby till he slept,

I held a toddler while he wept.

I played a game of hide and seek

I squeezed a toy, so it would squeak.

I pulled a wogon, sang a song,

Taught a child right from wrong.

What did I do this whole day through?

Not much that shows, I guess it's true...

Unless you think that what I've done

Might be important to someone

with bright blue eyes and soft blonde hair

If that is true, I've done my share.

Joanne Green


Shazz said...

poor little meg rondelle and poor you.
maybe it is cellulitus (sp???) - wasn't it naomi's DD who had something like that.
i am afraid i wouldn't be waiting til tomorrow to see a doctor - i would be marching down there with miss meg and DEMANDING that she be seen TODAY.
please let us know how she gets on - she still looks happy within herself though i must admit.
and that poem....yup...VERY special indeed.
take care of yourself too rondelle xxoo

Rondelle said...

I'll check Naomi's blog thanks Shazz. I would take her to my
dr today but it's a Public holiday, and she only just saw one yesterday at the AFter Hours clinic. It's not worse today so will wait for my Dr rather than a hospital Dr who won't delve into finding the cause as my Dr will.

Chrissy said...

Heya there Rondelle! Found your blog and thought I'd stop and say a little "hiya". Your poor bubba girl, just want to pick her up and cuddle her. Loved catching up with you and your sweet family here.

Take good care and I hope the docs can work out how to help your bubs asap.
Love Chrissy x