Thursday, April 3, 2008

just an update

well it's been a while so thought I'd better give an update.

First - some funny photos.....Lilly got BUSTED big time. She's going through a 'want to shampoo my hair for no aparent reason when I'm NOT in the bath' phase.

She just froze when I caught her in the act, expecting to be in big trouble but I had to hold back the laughter as I ran for the

On other news, ScrapLounge is coming along nicely! I'm still getting myself into a good routine but am almost there. Most of the comps for April are in the forum now so go check them out. March winners will be announced early next week.

I'm soooo excited to be in the final five in Chook Scraps Survivor challenge. Each week we've had a criteria to create a page and once the pages are judged several people are kicked off the Island. Well amazingly I'm still here!!! I'm really enjoying the competition and am eagerly awaiting Saturday's announcement of the final two. The winner receives a $50 voucher along with a Guest dt spot!

Here are the Layouts I've created so far

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goddessjodi said...

oooo - looks like you've been spammed!!!
LO's are gorgeous Rondelle and I love little Lil washing her hair.........I have to hold Lochie down to get his hair washed - LOL!!!!
Congrats on chook scraps survivor -way exiciting!