Monday, September 22, 2008

I made a stamp!

That's right, just a cute little toadstool, nothing super great but I think it's really cute. Now to find some more rubber to make another one. This is such fun to do. I went and bought some lino today because Emma and Lilly want a stamp of their very own also. They've done the plans for their picture now we just need to carve them out which of course I'll be doing because they're not quite at the age for using lino tools!

We're making felt mermaids at the moment so I'll upload some piccies once they're finished but for now check out my stamp below :)

And here's a card I made with it

If you've ever thought about carving your own little stamp out, give it a go it's heaps of fun!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lots happening

I finally got around to putting all the photos from my camera onto the computer today. I hadn't done it for a month! Don't you love that though, when you go through all the pictures and see those little gems that you'd completely forgotten you'd taken!

So we've had lot's happening here...

Kevin and I are both sleep deprived because we are getting at least one little person decide they need to sleep in mummy and daddy's bed ...usually Meg at 1am so we're woken with screaming. At least the other two can just creep in without us realising. Except when you wake up and can't move an inch! Here's a photo of one morning when we ended up with all three of them!

Emma Update:
She has two wobbly teeth! They have been wobbly for a good two weeks now so who knows when they'll come out. We have a cute little pouch all ready for them so the tooth fairy will have no trouble finding them. I'm told by Emma that the tooth fairy gives notes not coins...hmm we'll She got this idea from a friend at school who got a $10 note for her first tooth. Mind you the tooth fairy did come a day late to her little friend because she was apparently very busy on the night she was supposed to visit this little girl ;)

Lilly Update:
Well little Lilly has been a grumpy little girl of late. It's just that normal two year old stage I'm sure but it's still frustrating. She's talking and putting her sentances together SOOO well! she keeps asking every day if she's three yet because she's much bigger and taller today. We've told her that she'll have to hand over her dummy and bottle when she turns three. It's going to be tough getting her off these two things, but she'll get there.

Meg Update:
Meg is into EVERYTHING!!!!!! Em and Lil are very quickly learning they cannot put their drink or food down for a second because Meg has a food radar and just knows as soon as something's within her reach....many drinks have been spilled but they now remember to push their drinks right to the back of their table. She is walking lots and is practicing running and it's so funny because when her big sisters are doing something really tricky like a rolly polly on the floor or jumping up and down, Meg starts walking backwards and looks and me and Kevin as if to say, look at me look at me, I'm so

Here's a picture of Meg after she got stuck into Lilly's yogurt

Kevin's been busy painting the hallway. We no longer have pink at the top, it's all white. We're still deciding if we should do a light feature colour or just leave it white.

And here's a little self portrait of me. It's very very rare that I take a half decent photo so here it is.

On a creative note, check out this beautiful painting that my friend Krissy made. isn't it gorgeous?! And guess what, it's mine!! She gave it to me and I absolutely love it!

Here's a little Paper collage creation that I made. I've really been struggling to get any scrapbooking done lately but I just had to use some of the gorgeous patterned papers I've got so just started cutting and having a play. i'm now a bit obsessed and have almost finished my third. I think they'd make really cute presents and I'm thinking about selling them on etsy.

And finally a beautifully decorated horse. Lovingly embellished by Miss Emma and Miss Lilly one sunny Sunday afternoon in August.

That's it for now, apart from Thank god it's Spring!!!! I really love Spring :)