Monday, September 22, 2008

I made a stamp!

That's right, just a cute little toadstool, nothing super great but I think it's really cute. Now to find some more rubber to make another one. This is such fun to do. I went and bought some lino today because Emma and Lilly want a stamp of their very own also. They've done the plans for their picture now we just need to carve them out which of course I'll be doing because they're not quite at the age for using lino tools!

We're making felt mermaids at the moment so I'll upload some piccies once they're finished but for now check out my stamp below :)

And here's a card I made with it

If you've ever thought about carving your own little stamp out, give it a go it's heaps of fun!


Shazz said...

very cute stamp rondelle and you have used it to make a lovely card.
hope you have a great time while your mum is visiting xo

AJ said...

Wow! That stamp is so cool! And I love your little mushroom card!

aussie said...

Hello lovely lady, just thought I would drop by and see what you have been up to. OMG your little one has grown so much, she is so gorgeous .... how does that happen so quick ? Madi is now 20 months, and so so different from Emma, they are like Night and Day in looks and personality !!!!! But Im loving it. Infact life is blessed and Im still loving scrapbooking. Anyhow hope you and your little family are well.
Keep in touch.
Steph xo