Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some recent creations

'That Look' is a LO I did the other week when I got Emma's kinder photos back. It was a quicky 20 min creation (very rare for me), and I've rediscovered the Basic Grey plain papers and am in love! I think they're replacing Bazzill for me at the moment for backgrounds. They just seem to have a real grungy feel which I'm also loving at the moment.

I made the canvas 'Adison' using the Oh Baby Girl range from Basic Grey - an oldy but a fave! The photo is of my sweet baby neice Adison, who I'm yet to meet...bring on Christmas!

Family update: Meg is happily rolling about the place, and today took her first backward crawl....she suprised herself too lol.

Emma and Lilly are fighting like cats and dogs every half hour but it's ok because the other half hour they're best friends and playing beautifully together hey!

Kevin is busy working and is just getting back into doing a bit of research into his family history which is MUCH BETTER than wasting hours playing GTA in my

And me, well what a crazy mix of emotions it is closing down the shop section of my website and changing it all over to the new format. I'm finding it quite sad seeing all the products disappear from the shelves now that Ihave my clearance sale on. It's going to be great though - I'm already finding that I have heaps more time and a lot less pressure.

Until next time

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Daddy's home!!

Yay, Kevin's been home for six days now so we're all very happy!!! Well apart from Lilly who hasn't been all that well. She had a high temp on Thursday and has been very grizly ever since. She was slightly better today and by the look of her sopping wet shirt tonight I'm guessing it is the dreaded teeth coming through! She doesn't usually get SO out of sorts but they must be sore ones.

We've had a very lazy weekend here, it's been too hot to do much except sit in the nice airconditioning :)

Emma and Lilly have been having lots of fun with all their toys (in other words totally destroying the place), Meg is also teething so has been a bit grumpy. Thank got the Homeopathic teething tablets work for her!

We were very excited the other day when I picked up Emma's Prep uniform for next year....she looks sooooo cute and grown up in it!!! I can't believe she's only a couple of months off starting school WOW!

The big news for me is that I've decided to sell EMM. The decision was extremely hard but I really feel it's time as I'm really struggling to keep up with everything. Now to find a new home for my OTHER baby!