Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fabbo Cybercrop weekend!

Hey everyone,

Well firstly Meg is on the mend THANK GOODNESS!!! After two rushes up to the hospital she ended up being diagnosed with Impatigo 'School Sores'. I ended up taking her to our family Dr -wish I could've gotten into see her in the first place, but she thinks it started off as a general bacterial infection and then she's picked up the impetigo bug from somewhere which made it much worse and more imune to the antibiotics.. From the last photos of her I posted it got MUCH worse, but is now almost healed and she'll be celebrating her 1st birthday this Sunday....I can't believe it!!!!

Happy Birthday to David (Dad in law), I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

Now let's talk about the ScrapLounge Cybercrop that just finished. Man did we have a great CC weekend!!! Heaps of LOs uploaded which are of course all gorgeous! Now we're just waiting on a few more votes before the winners are announced.

I even got all three challenges done shock horror! One was my example for my challenge but I also got the other two done friday night...I hadn't scrapped in a while and it felt great!!!

Here are my LOs

Challenge one was a sketch by Karen

Challenge two was mine - use mosaic technique and a shakespeare quote

my quote was 'Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none'

Challeng three from Sara was to use a summer photo with wintery papers or vice versa

ScrapLounge is currently looking for our new Creative team for June to December 08 - look in our Creative team news area of the forum for more details:o)

And welcome to our two newest ScrapLounge sponsors and

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goddessjodi said...

It was an awesome CC Rondelle, just holding my breath until the next one now!!! LOL