Monday, June 30, 2008

Short and Sweet

That's what this post is. Not much chatting because it's 12:30 am and I HAVE to get to bed but my mum will kill me if I don't get this thing updated with some piccies of the little ladies, so here are a few photos.

Firstly a little show off for me though. I made this canvas using a beautiful napkin as the back drop. Love how it turned out!

Secondly, here's Emma enjoying her icy pole after the Prep Girls Fun Run (we won't discuss the fact she cut straight through the middle of the oval instead of running around it - gave everyone a good laugh and had a teacher or two running after She had lots of fun :)

Here's some shots of poor old Meggie Moo's hand after she touched the oven door while I was cooking dinner. This is the day after when she had very large blisters. Thankfully she's just about all healed up now with no permenant damage to her hand. Phew!!!

Speaking of Miss trouble herself, she is enjoying climbing on the pink chairs to get to things she normally can't....I tell ya, we've got to watch this one like a hawk...she's quick!

Here the girls are having a great old time with an old suitcase our neighbours Ian and Eileen gave them to play with (it was being chucked out at their Church). It's bought hours of enjoyment to them :)

And doesn't Lilly look like a sad little butterfly. We went to a great little Market/Fair on Saturday morning which was fun fun fun, but Miss Lilly must have gotten very worn out.

Gotta love the vegie scraps. I'm on a mission to halve the amount of waste we end up with in the bin each week. Not that we overload it by any means but I just thought I'd give the composting thing a go, not thinking it would make a big difference to the amount of stuff in the bin, boy was I wrong!!! It's a huge difference, and now our lovely little vegie patch that we've just started is getting a nice little compost corner. Heaps of fun and the girls are enjoying helping...although Emma is convinced if we plant an Apple seed a tree will grow in no time hehe!

And while we were in the garden I decided to create my own Flower arrangement for the Dining Table. We don't have a big selection of flowers but the beautiful bright Pink flowers from the Boganvillea finish it off nicely I think.

A rare sight, my Dining table with NO folded clothes or Scrapbooking supplies

That's it for me ....there you go mum, that should keep you going for a week or

Nighty night,

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Princess Tamara said...

Love the canvas. We had a climber too ... we put her in gymnastics so that she'd learn how to fall properly, God love her!! lol