Sunday, October 14, 2007

A great day

Well starting off with a nice little sleep in till 8:45 - I was VERY happy with that after Meg's 5:30-6:00am wake up cries all week.

We had Poached and Boiled eggs for breaky then headed down to the Nature Centre at Queen's Park to see the animals. It was really nice weather - hot but a nice cool breeze. I forgot the camera so no piccies of the Park *sorry* but then we came home and had a Picnic lunch in the backyard you can see in the picture. Now you may ask why are we having the picnic on the concrete instead of the grass? Well our backyard is infested with green ants and they HURT when they bite so at least on the concrete we can relax without the worry of ants getting us!

The other pictures are from this last week. Emma and Lilly making lunch wearing the cute little Aprons Lynette made up with leftover material from my Craft Fair aprons. All three girls just seem to be growing up so fast at the's scary!!!

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Marie said...

Gosh, Emma looks so much like you. Love the aprons on the little helpers.