Sunday, August 26, 2007

THANK YOU Shazzy!!!

What a wonderful group of talented scrapping friends I have!!! Especially the beautiful Shazz Pratten. Today I drove down to the Gold Coast with Tam and Grace to go to Linda's Stampin Up party and while I was there Shazz gave me this gorgeous canvas of Meg. IT's just soooooooo beautiful and bought tears to my eyes when her gorgeous girl Kait gave it to me. Here's a photo of it, but of course it looks much, much better in real life (and her two big sisters what their own canvas as well

There's also some photos of the girls from this week. Have a good one everyone!


Naomi said...

Such a beautiful gift Rondelle. And your little girls are just sweeties. It was nice to talk on the phone to you the other day.

Shazz said...

i am so glad that you liked it rondelle...shoot me off some pics of the em and lilly and i will scrap them one too if you like (always on the lookout for OTPs for the EMMies....LOL)
have a great tuesday xxoo

goddessjodi said...

Lucky you Rondelle - it is super gorgeous!!!! Mind you I knew it was I was pretty keen to see once Shazz had finished it......BTW love the photo of Em walking, holding her cup of "tea", such concentration!!!!!!